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New poll: Strong voter support for public schools and teachers; strong opposition to the legislature’s funding cuts

[1]The latest NC Policy Watch Carolina Issues Poll [2] is out and, once again, the notion being spread by the Pope-Civitas/Real Distortions crowd [3] that North Carolinians have given up on public education is shown to be, in a word, “baloney.”

As today’s poll shows, people like their schools a lot; they’re just worried about them and think we need to invest more to make them work better. 

No wonder the distorters are launching their strange and silly billboard tour [4] tomorrow to go along with their gazillion dollar TV ad campaign [5] (and still refusing to say who is paying for the whole mess); they know the public is lining up against them and Tea Party Thom Tillis and are madly searching for a way out of the political hole they’ve dug.