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Environmental Defense Fund: Fracking merits “cautious and conservative” approach (video)

High fuel prices and high unemployment have many politicians voicing support for fracking as a possible solution to both problems. But the Southeast director of the Environmental Defense Fund [1] says a closer look at DENR’s draft report [2] on fracking should make it clear the state does not have sufficient data to move forward with shale gas drilling.

The EDF’s Jane Preyer notes that projections from the state Commerce Department find such drilling activities will offer few jobs in the near-term, with many of those opportunities being offered to out-of-state companies with more expertise.

Preyer believes the public should also question whether the environmental impact of hydraulic fracturing can be safely monitored by DENR, which has seen its budget slashed by 40% over the last few years.

Preyer joins us this weekend on News & Views to discuss fracking and why she believes current gas production practices impose unacceptable impacts on air, water, landscapes and communities.

For a preview of her radio interview with Chris Fitzsimon, click below: