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State gets 61 charter school applicants for next round (list included)

A swarm of 61 applications came into the N.C. Department of Public Instruction before its Friday deadline for charter school applicants hoping to open schools for the 2013-14 school year.

A list of most of the applicants, with links to their applications, can be seen here [1], or you can scroll down to the end of this post to see them.

One note, I haven’t had time to comb through the applications yet, but let me know in comments if any stand out to you.

The N.C. State Board of Education will make a final decision later this year on how many of the 61 applicants will get a green light to open up in the fall of 2013, after a year-long training period. Earlier this year, the state board gave approval for nine “fast-track” charter schools to open this fall, following the state legislature’s lifting of a 100-school cap the state had had on charter schools.

The state board is also trying to figure out how to balance objections and impact statements from public school districts.

Several school districts, including the Durham, Martin, and Chapel-Hill school districts, raised concerns during the fast-track approval process that charter schools opening up in their areas would divert needed funding from schools for charter schools that served more exclusive populations.

Supporters of charter schools, on the other hand, have pointed to the high number of applicants as pent-up demand for the public schools that operate outside of the confines of traditional public education.

From DPI’s website [2]: (DPI Staff were planning on posting the remaining handful of applications later today).

Applications for 2013-2014 (processed as of 4:00 on April 13, 2012):

Addie Morris Children’s School
(pdf, 2.0mb [3])
Island Montessori Charter
(pdf, 999kb [4])
StudentFirst Academy
(pdf, 10.6mb [5])
Anderson Creek Club Charter
(pdf, 45.4mb [6])
Jefferson Preparatory School
(pdf, 1.4mb [7])
Summerfield Charter Academy
(pdf, 2.4mb [8])
Aristotle Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 597kb [9])
Langtree Charter Academy
(pdf, 3.0mb [10])
The Achievement School
(pdf, 5.7mb [11])
Cabarrus Charter Academy
(pdf, 3.0mb [12])
Leadership Learning Academy
(pdf, 5.0mb [13])
The Capitol Encore Academy
(pdf, 13.5mb [14])
Cameron Creek Charter
(pdf, 3.2mb [15])
Lee Scholars
(pdf, 2.1mb [16])
The Expedition School
(pdf, 2.7mb [17])
Charlotte Day Academy Charter
(pdf, 3.2mb [18])
Lindley Learning Academy
(pdf, 5.7mb [19])
The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders
(pdf, 671kb [20])
Douglass Academy
(pdf, 14.0mb [21])
New Bern International Academy
(pdf, 824kb [22])
The Montessori Academy of Cornelius
(pdf, 480kb [23])
Dreams to Reality Academy Charter
(pdf, 1.1mb [24])
New Hope Charter
(pdf, 1.8mb [25])
Thunderbird Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 1.2mb [26])
Eliada Academy
(pdf, 11.1mb [27])
North Carolina Leadership Academy
(pdf, 4.2mb [28])
Uwharrie Charter Academy
(pdf, 2.5mb [29])
Entrepreneur High School
(pdf, 3.0mb [30])
Our Neighborhood Charter
(pdf, 4.8mb [31])
Vance County Learning Center
(pdf, 4.8mb [32])
Falls Lake Academy
(pdf, 4.4mb [33])
Oxford Preparatory High
(pdf, 4.5mb [34])
Waddell Elementary International
(pdf, 8.8mb [35])
Farmville Charter Academy
(pdf, 26.1mb [36])
Parents and Their Children Academy
(pdf, 6.6mb [37])
Willow Oak Montessori
(pdf, 13.8mb [38])
Flemington Academy Charter
(pdf, 11.2mb [39])
Paul Brown Leadership Academy
(pdf, 2.9mb [40])
Wilson Preparatory Academy
(pdf, 7.5mb [41])
Fort Bragg High School
(pdf, 11.7mb [1])
Piedmont IT Academy
(pdf, 16.1mb [42])
Winston-Salem Middle College
(pdf, 962kb [43])
Greensboro Progressive Charter
(pdf, 11.7mb [44])
Pinnacle Classical Academy
(pdf, 29.3mb [45])
Wisdom Charter
(pdf, 24.9mb [46])
Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy
(pdf, 7.5mb [47])
Reaching All Minds Academy
(pdf, 7.3mb [48])
ZECA School of Arts and Technology
(pdf, 1.4mb [49])
High Point Academy
(pdf, 1.9mb [50])
Southeastern Academy
(pdf, 4.4mb [51])
Invest Collegiate
(pdf, 1.9mb [52])
STEM Education for a Global Society
(pdf, 3.9mb [53])