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Extremist gubernatorial candidate featured in pro-amendment press event

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger’s son was probably the headline grabber at this morning’s pro-Amendment One press event at the Legislative Building, but another speaker at the event probably even better symbolizes how incredibly extreme the main supporters of the amendment are.

Paul Wright is a former judge from Mount Olive who’s running a far right campaign against Pat McCrory in the Republican gubernatorial primary.

Check out this guy’s website [1] to see just how amazingly extreme he is [2] (featured endorser: nationally known immigrant hater Tom Tancredo [3]) and, as an aside, how long it’s been since he had a family photo snapped [4]!

This is the best the the amendment supporters can do? This is the guy they trot out to explain why all of the lawyers and law professors raising questions about the “only domestic legal union” language are wrong??

Maybe the “yes” camp isn’t as strong as it appears.