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Poll: Lack of understanding gives Marriage Amendment a double-digit lead

The latest PPP poll numbers released Tuesday signal the possible passage of Amendment One. [1] According to Public Policy Polling [2], 55% of those questioned plan to vote yes next week, while 41% say they will vote against.

How could that be? Well, a lack of voter understanding about how far reaching [3] the amendment is continues to be the biggest obstacle for those hoping to defeat it.  Here’s more from PPP:

“The problem for opponents is that only 40% of voters actually know that the amendment bans both gay marriage and civil unions. With those voters the amendment is failing by a 60-38 margin. But with voters who think all the amendment does is ban gay marriage, 27% of the electorate, it’s passing by a 72-27 margin. And with voters who admit they don’t actually know what the amendment does, 26% of the electorate, it leads by a 64-28 margin. The more voters understand the full implications of the amendment the less likely they are to support it, but the clock is ticking.

When we informed poll respondents the amendment banned both gay marriage and civil unions and then asked how they would vote, only 38% continued to support it with 46% opposed.”

The recent efforts by the NC NAACP [4] and other black leaders has had an impact. Public Policy notes support for Amendment One is narrowing more among African Americans (53/43).

“Voters who understand what the amendment does are opposed to it,” said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. “But there’s a lot of education left to be done in this final week of the campaign.”

Republicans (76/21) are also considerably more united in their support for the marriage amendment than Democrats (42/54) are in their opposition. As for Independent voters, they are split (48/46) in favor of the amendment.

For a complete look at the numbers, click here [4].

Early voting [5] on Amendment One (and the other primary contests) runs through 1:00pm Saturday afternoon.