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Elizabeth City Daily Advance tells it like it is on K-12

The Elizabeth City Daily Advance had a dynamite editorial [1] this week (maybe the best anywhere) about the ongoing assault on public education taking place at the General Assembly.

“If parents want to yank their children out of public schools and enroll them in a private or for-profit school, let them. But North Carolina lawmakers shouldn’t steal from public education to pay for it.

Across the country, Republican-controlled legislatures are pushing for private school vouchers paid for with public tax dollars to cover the cost of tuition. Florida and other states this year diverted some $343 million from public education to pay for private school tuition for nearly 129,000 students.

Louisiana recently shifted tens of millions in tax dollars out of its public schools to pay private industry, business owners and church pastors to educate children.

Republicans in North Carolina are also using their majority to try and push through similar private school expansion plans.”

Click here to read the entire article [1].