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Future of public education in jeopardy

In case you missed yesterday’s edition of the Fitzsimon File [1], please take a minute to read it. The column highlights a remarkable and much underreported situation currently underway in the North Carolina General Assembly.

Put bluntly, the future of public education in our state is under a sustained and stealth attack. Led by ultra-right-wing crusaders like House Majority Leader Paul Stam, conservative legislators are attempting to slip a series of fundamental (and hugely regressive) changes to our public education system into the budget bill — with essentially no public debate.

Stam has already succeeded in placing a prettified voucher plan into the House version of the budget and now, as talks between the House and Senate heat up on a final deal, there is lots of talk that the final budget may include numerous provisions from Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger’s controversial K-12 overhaul plan.

While some of Berger’s idea may have merit and deserve discussion, the idea that powerful lawmakers are slipping all of these fundmental changes into a short session budget bill without any meaningful public discussion ought to anger anyone who cares about democracy.

You can read the entire column by clicking here [1].