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Business leaders, local govt. officials call for fracking veto

Environmental protection advocates have released a pair of letters signed, respectively, by 44 business owners [1] and 33 elected officials [2] from areas with shale gas deposits calling on Governor Perdue to veto the controversial fracking legalization bill [3].

According to a statement issued by the NC Sierra Club [4] and Clean Water for North Carolina [5]:

“Businesses and elected officials who signed on are from Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Sanford, and Pittsboro, among others.

The letters read, in part, ‘S820 threatens the shared prosperity and quality of life our businesses are working to sustain every day in North Carolina, and we hope you will block this unwise legislation.’

The letter also noted that investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency are better ways of creating jobs and building a better future for the state.  

The letter concluded, ‘North Carolina deserves better, and we are disappointed that the legislature has sent you S820, a bill that does so little to protect and sustain the businesses that are already building a better future for this state. We urge you to veto S820.'”

You can read the business owners’ letter by clicking here [1] and the local officials’ letter by clicking here [2].