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Fracking foes get their wish – Perdue vetoes bill to allow controversial drilling practice

Gov. Bev Perdue issued her third veto in less than a week on Sunday, rejecting legislation that would have permitted a controversial process for extracting natural gas known as “fracking. [1]

In vetoing Senate Bill 820 [2], the governor made it clear she supports hydraulic fracturing, but believes the bill put forth by the legislature failed to provide the necessary safeguards.

“I support energy policies that create jobs and lower costs for businesses and families,” Gov. Perdue said. “Our drinking water and the health and safety of North Carolina’s families are too important; we can’t put them in jeopardy by rushing to allow fracking without proper safeguards.”

In May, Gov. Perdue issued an Executive Order [3] demanding high standards for shale gas development before drilling could begin.

The governor has pledged that if the General Assembly will improve upon SB820, she will sign the bill.