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Damning with faint praise

Though it’s not so clear to me that the GOP could have simply walked away and stayed away as they threatened to do (and as the editorial accepts as a given) a piece in this morning’s Winston-Salem Journal [1] has a generally accurate take on some key outcomes of the recently adjourned General Assembly:

“This supplemental budget will mean further cuts to our public schools, the schools that educate the vast majority of North Carolina children. The legislature did not add back enough state money to offset lost federal stimulus money that had been paying thousands of teachers.

Class sizes will grow. There will be fewer course offerings. Teachers will be laid off.

But, had the veto been sustained, the Republican leadership was threatening to simply go home, to leave the state’s schools with an even deeper hole from which to climb. We’ll never know if they would have followed through on that threat, but it would have been in keeping with their general disdain for public schools.

Throughout this session, the Republican leadership showed little willingness to sit down with Perdue and negotiate. We wish they had done so on the budget. There could have been more money for schools and for other priorities such as compensation for eugenics victims.

But, had they just walked away after a sustained veto, it would have been worse.

For those who believe in public education, that is all that is left now, considering the people in power — the sense that it could have been worse.”