Tillis’ shooting fest

I’m sure the gun people will say that I want to trample their rights when I complain about this, but:

a) It’s not true — I really don’t want them to have to give up their guns (though I’m not so sure about their bazookas, bombs, machine guns, armor piercing bullets, and other WMD’s) and

b) This really is weird and disturbing — the Speaker of the North Carolina House is having a fundraiser at a gun range.

The range in question features a “simulator” where you too (a video showcasing it appears to feature a teenage boy) can pretend to mow down multiple terrorists.

On the lighter side of the whole depressing thing, the gun range in question touts itself as a “green” and “environmentally responsible” so at least that will probably tick off the Locke Foundation and Civitas people who hate that kind of thing.  




  1. david esmay

    July 12, 2012 at 4:10 pm

    Bizarre. Why not have a trap or skeet shooting contest? Real guns, clay targets, fun with a purpose. Pretending to kill people in a simulator is a little on the weird side. I guess that’s what you get when put together a bunch of right-wing moneyed wussies with just a dash of paranoia.

  2. Jack

    July 12, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    This is screaming for a punch line:

    Conservatives + Politics + Guns + Money + liquor = (you fill in the blank)

  3. Rev. Carl Johnson

    July 12, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    Agree with Mr Esmay. It’s not as if any of them served in a combat unit, downrange. I’m sure those that did serve were not in the thick of it and have become Rambo’s in their own fantasies.

  4. Ken Soderstrom

    July 12, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    A typical gun-grabber complaint is that citizens don’t have adequate training to bear arms.

    The simulator you are aghast over is about the best training possible.

    Why criticize lawfully armed citizens who exercise their rights responsibly?

    The Second Amendment isn’t about hunting. Where it is most restricted is where you find the most violence – look at “gun-free” Chicago. Talk about combat. Parts of NC aren’t far behind.

  5. brian sisson

    July 12, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    Wow, have you guys ever read the mission behind this blog? Obviously not.

    The Range at Lake Norman is a revenue producing business that currently employees 16 North Carolina citizens and supports our local state and federal government with tax revenue. We provide our guests with 15 state of the art firearms training lanes, along with classes, and a members lounge. The 14 year old in the video is my son and the gentleman in the video with him is a military veteran who served his country to allow people like all of you to express your freedom of speech. Both will be working with the manufacturer of the simulator to develop scenarios that will benefit consumers all over the world with home invasion and personal defense training.

    As far as the green range, we recycle everything we can including lead, and offset our carbon footprint by having the first solar powered firearms facility in the United States. Helps the old global warming initiative.

  6. david esmay

    July 12, 2012 at 10:27 pm

    Training and firearm education is one thing, political fund raising is another. I hunt, I own firearms, I take my scout troop to the firing range, and I’m a veteran. So what, you’re telling me your 14 year is a CQC consultant and that makes Tillis’ fundraiser ethical? Simulating shooting people to raise money for the GOP, in my opinion is stupid, but that’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it. I think that if you’re going to include firearms and political fundraising, it’s more appropriate to do it through a sport like skeet or trap, than a law enforcement or military simulator. Once again, that’s just my opinion, but it sends a completely different message.

  7. Sailorcurt

    July 13, 2012 at 6:47 am

    Training and firearm education is one thing, political fund raising is another. I hunt, I own firearms, I take my scout troop to the firing range, and I’m a veteran. So what, you’re telling me your 14 year is a CQC consultant and that makes Tillis’ fundraiser ethical? Simulating shooting people to raise money for the GOP, in my opinion is stupid, but that’s my opinion, I’m entitled to it.

    That’s a very legitimate position and well stated. I disagree, but I can’t fault you for having or stating the opinion.

    However, I must chuckle a little bit about the inspiring show of understanding and acceptance of other belief systems that I observe every time I stumble upon the blog or web site of a member of the oh-so tolerant left.

    It really doesn’t matter how legitimate and well stated your position is when you feel the need to display your blatant bigotry in the final sentence of your statement. The broad-brush (mis)characterization of “right-wing, moneyed wussies with just a dash of paranoia” does have a tendency to undermine any actual rational thoughts that may have come before it.

    Unless, of course, the object of this page and these rants is not to engage in any type of serious debate or express legitimate opinions, but rather just to enable a few lefties to engage in a little bit of smug, self-righteous, mental masturbation and congratulate each other for being so superior to those stupid, redneck, rich? (how did that happen to stupid rednecks?) and perhaps even evil, right wingers (hey…look how tolerant we are).

  8. Frank Burns

    July 13, 2012 at 6:59 am

    The hatred and vitriol of the left looks for something, anything to justify their spewing of their poison. Reality is like so boring.

  9. david esmay

    July 13, 2012 at 8:35 am

    Sailor, so you’re saying the vitriol on this page is no different or less condescending than that found in blogs on right leaning websites?

  10. jlp75

    July 13, 2012 at 8:42 am

    Yes Frank because there is no vitriol coming from the right, just a bunch of righteous wholesome people. Ever notice that the Fox News website does not allow comments on their stories anymore. The hatred coming from their viewers was so toxic I am sure they made a business decision to pull the plug on it to prevent damage to their brand. I find this rather ironic since their whole game is stoking the flames. I guess they finally got too hot. Ever read the right winger comments on WRAL? There are vitriolic comments that come from both sides of the aisle and that is the sad reality of the current divisiveness of our country. Perhaps many on the left are tired of hearing the self-righteous BS coming from the right and are giving it right back. I have read much worse than anything David has said in this forum from the folks on the right. If you can dish it out, you best be prepared to be on the receiving end.

  11. Jack

    July 13, 2012 at 10:39 am

    At the fundraiser/firing range: Are you asking me for a donation or are you just happy to see me?

  12. david esmay

    July 13, 2012 at 1:19 pm

    Frank,Alex, Frances, since you’re all the same person, I’ll address you a such. If you have such opposition and are so offended to the views on this website, why do you spend some much time trolling on it under alias’? I’ve looked at sites like Heritage, Heartland, Civitas, and John Locke and rarely commented on any topics. What is disturbing about right wing sites are the absurd claims and pronouncements they make about scientific findings, education, voting rights, or any one of a number topics, many containing thinly veiled racism, bigotry, and intolerance.

  13. Alex

    July 14, 2012 at 3:34 pm

    You should be the last person to comment on intolerance David ! Frankly, I worry about what you are teaching the young scout troop- that everyone should always agree with the warped and rambling logic of a fellow who seriously needs anger management advice ! Incidentally, I have no connection to either Frank or Frances, so they will have to speak for themselves

  14. Ken Soderstrom

    July 14, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    I’m glad the Boyscout leader is teaching his troop marksmanship. I wish he would also think more about why marksmanship and the freedom to bear arms is essential to our free society; it is because our security depends upon it. The type of security at issue most in our society at this time is violent crime, that is a problem everywhere, but is particularly bad where guns are banned; such as Chicago and Washington DC.

    Security from violent crime means that citizens must be able to effectively defend themselves against it. There is no way to sugarcoat this: it means an ability to immediately stop violence. This is only possible through lethal force – shooting and killing people. There is no ethical reason why proficiency with this should not be a goal. In fact, the opposite is true.

    Don’t buy into the pacifist brainwashing. It only encourages violent crime. Decreasing the likelihood of success is the only thing that reduces the willingness of violent criminals to ply their trade.

  15. Jack

    July 14, 2012 at 7:00 pm

    When is the last time anyone of you raised a firearm in defense of anything or of anyone? If someone pointed a weapon at you you’d pee your pants.

    If our kids should be taught anything it should be proficiency in economics and law. Wall Street and the banks screwed us with economic and legal bs with sub-prime mortgages. Since we’re capitalist and a country of law doesn’t it make sense to educate our children from the beginning about these two important fields of study? I guess not. You guys would rather our children be brought up to be gun-carrying-shoot-first-ask-questions-later-GZs.

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