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Tillis’ shooting fest

[1]I’m sure the gun people will say that I want to trample their rights when I complain about this, but:

a) It’s not true — I really don’t want them to have to give up their guns (though I’m not so sure about their bazookas, bombs, machine guns, armor piercing bullets, and other WMD’s) and

b) This really is weird and disturbing — the Speaker of the North Carolina House is having a fundraiser at a gun range [2].

The range in question features a “simulator” where you too (a video showcasing it [3]appears to feature a teenage boy) can pretend to mow down multiple terrorists.

On the lighter side of the whole depressing thing, the gun range in question touts itself as a “green” and “environmentally responsible” [4] so at least that will probably tick off the Locke Foundation and Civitas people who hate that kind of thing.