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You’d really think they’d be embarrassed to do this

[1]The folks over on Right Wing Avenue are sponsoring a “watchdog training” [2] here in Raleigh later this month at which the headliner is the very troubled troublemaker Ja [3]mes O’Keefe [3].

As  you will recall, one of the many “accomplishments” on young Mr. O’Keefe’s brief “watchdog” career (other than manufacturing inaccurate and dishonest “gotcha'” videos and getting arrested for attempting to play dirty tricks on a Louisiana Senator) was producing a video that wrongfully — some would say fraudulently — claimed to have unearthed voter fraud in North Carolina a couple months back.

As the folks at Think Progress have documented, the whole thing was as phony as a three dollar bill [4].  

All in all, quite a coup for the local Pope group!