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Locke Foundation unleashes Obama haters on Charlotte

Wow!  It’s good to see that the nonpartisan John Locke Foundation is coming through with some more high quality convention coverage. Last week, as you will recall, the Locke people had a breathless, cheer-leading “liveblog” [1] of the final night of the RNC in Tampa.

Now, this week, they’ve turned “Director of Regulatory Studies” Jon Sanders loose (among others) to claim that Obama is being “deified” [2] by the Democrats because some vendors in Charlotte are selling or promoting various bits of laudatory kitsch. (Has this guy ever been to a Washington, DC tourist site?) This concocted narrative has, in turn, provided Sanders with license to link to all sorts of other articles and claims about the President (some from years ago) of which he disapproves along with some amazingly vicious attacks.

Meanwhile, on a night in which even conservative commentators like Brit Hume, David Brooks and David Gergen described First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech in glowing terms, another Locker, Rick Henderson, led off his “fair and balanced” description of the events inside the convention [3] this way:

“The official theme of the first night of the Democratic National Convention may have been ‘Americans Coming Together,’ but anyone listening to the speeches and watching the videos heard little more than a litany of grievances from the swamps of identity politics.

Delegates and visitors alike since Monday have been dodging heavy downpours in Uptown Charlotte. And they didn’t get much relief from the gloom when they settled in to witness the activities at Time Warner Cable Arena.”

Can’t wait to see how hateful it gets by Thursday night.

Meanwhile, NC Policy Watch journalist Sarah Ovaska continues to file actual works of journalism from Charlotte.  Follow Sarah here and on Twitter at https://twitter.com/SarahOvaska [4].