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Did Charlotte convention reveal an ideological divide on the right?

Steve Harrison highlighted a fascinating article in Bloomberg Businessweek yesterday over at Blue NC [1]. The article is entitled “Democrats Party in Charlotte’s Republican-Backed Public Projects,” [2] and it includes some rather startling quotes from GOP standard-bearer Pat McCrory that appear to be diametrically opposed to the currently accepted ideological orthodoxy in the state’s conservative power structure.

Here is an excerpt:

“McCrory’s willingness to spend public money on major construction projects runs counter to the rhetoric from national Republicans, who say government needs to be smaller and spend less money.

‘The national political scene has changed dramatically, which is why McCrory is campaigning far to the right of how he governed in Charlotte,’ said Mary Newsom, associate director for urban and regional affairs at the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute. ‘He’s having to campaign in a way that gives him credibility with the extreme right wing of the Republican Party.’

Democrats and Republicans should work together to make progress on infrastructure, said McCrory, who lost his first bid for governor in 2008 as President Barack Obama won North Carolina by about 14,000 votes.

‘We ignore one of our best presidents ever, and that’s Eisenhower,’ he said, referring to Dwight Eisenhower’s creation of the interstate highway system. ‘Obama had a chance to be a Roosevelt-type figure with infrastructure, but he failed miserably.’”

Eisenhower was “one of our best presidents ever”? Obama failed to be a “Roosevelt-type figure”??

Wow! This kind of talk cannot be going over well in the Pope Empire.