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10 Ways to Rebuild the Middle Class

A group of national organizations have released an important report [1] today on rebuilding the middle class in our country.  The report details 10 common-sense policies that can make sure that today’s jobs are better and tomorrow’s jobs are good.  The recommendations are based on the concerns raised by national analyses of declining incomes, growing costs and income inequality.  Similar to our own recent analysis for NC [2], the key finding is that the middle class, the great engine of the American economy, is sputtering. Here are 10 Ways to Rebuild the Middle Class:

1. Make Every Job a Good Job

2. Fix the Minimum Wage

3. Save good Public and Private Jobs

4. Assure Health and Retirement Security

5. Remove barriers to Unionization

6. Make the Workplace Pro-Family

7. Stop Wage Theft

8. Assure that your Boss is your Employer

9. Give Unemployed People a Real Fresh Start

10. Protect Workers’ Safety and Health