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McCrory declines to join Berger’s bluster

Governor-elect Pat McCrory does not appear to be on the same page as legislative leaders when it comes to the state’s implementation of the Affordable Care Act, certainly not in tone anyway.

Governor Perdue declared Thursday [1] that North Carolina will partner with the federal government to run the health care exchange under the health care law.  States can set up their own exchanges, do nothing and let the federal government set them up, or pursue a hybrid partnership model, the path Perdue chose—after she consulted with McCrory. 

McCrory’s statement was cautious and noncommittal, but certainly not hostile.

Gov. Perdue’s decision leaves flexibility for North Carolina in the future when it comes to the delivery of health care,” McCrory said in a statement. “I will be discussing this with more governors today, and will continue those discussions in the coming weeks to ensure the best results for North Carolina.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger took a different tact, criticizing Perdue for making the decision at all, saying she should have waited for the new legislature and new governor to decide, ignoring both a looming federal deadline and the fact that she consulted with the new governor before making her decision.

Berger’s political staff went a step further, sending out a fundraising appeal based on Perdue’s decision. It’s tone was pure Tea Party nasty.

Just days after voters delivered a crushing repudiation of Bev Perdue’s failed policies, the lame-duck governor is trying to shove Obamacare down our throats. Yes, the same Obamacare we rejected in the 2010 elections. And the same governor we rejected last week.

Her parting gift to the voters she ignored for four years – and whose impending re-election verdict forced her into an early retirement – is an eleventh hour embrace of a massive government healthcare takeover we don’t want and can’t afford.

Perhaps Berger’s staff didn’t notice that the country just reelected President Obama ten days ago, but you would think they would have checked with their newly elected Republican governor before recycling stale and offensive talking points from a two-year-old Americans for the Prosperous rally.

It sounds like all the Republicans are not on the same page and their reign of power in Raleigh hasn’t even started yet.