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Governors: Tough choices, taxes, and compromise needed to reduce debt (video)

Former Governors Jim Hunt (D) and Jim Holshouser (R) were in Raleigh Tuesday to launch the North Carolina chapter of “The Campaign to Fix the Debt.”

Without endorsing specific ideas for reducing the $16 trillion national debt, Hunt acknowledged some entitlement programs could face unpopular cuts as they were reformed in the future. For his part, Holshouser conceded that new revenue would also need to be part of any plan to reverse the ballooning debt.

“Everyone in Washington worthy of representing the American people, must be willing to compromise,” said Gov. Hunt.

To hear more from Governors Hunt and  Holshouser click below, or visit WRAL.com [1] for the entire press conference.
To learn more about the lobbying campaign backed by business and political leaders, visit www.fixthedebt.org [1].