He’s not my cousin, but he could be Ricky Gervais’s

Cousin Phil gone done it. He’s made me mad. Before he can object to Christmas, which, like a big ole park, seems unobjectionable, I need to point out one more way that his Dix reaction is wrong. By setting Raleigh against the rest of the state, he’s saying the capital city doesn’t belong to citizens of North Carolina. He’s telling them that the beauty of the Capitol, the beauty of the NC Museum of Art, the wonders of the Museum of Natural Sciences, the treasures of the Museum of History, all of those are not theirs. Berger’s telling the people of the state that they don’t have any part of the glorious metropolis of Raleigh or any of its glittering accoutrements. Perhaps that’s a little strong, but you get my drift.

Lest you worry, let me assure you I’m not actually related to that august personage, Sen. Phil Berger (he wishes!), but my maiden name is Berger and he needs a talking-to. I have to take him to task over this because he’s just wrong to tell the people that a Dix park wouldn’t benefit them. This is our state and our state capital. All of ours. The buses that pull up to the museums everyday from all corners of the state are proof of that. For him to act like this park deal is emptying state coffers for the sole benefit of Raleigh makes the city sound like a bunch selfish jerkwads. Like Charlotte or something. I kid. Of course, Raleigh has some greedy boneheads wandering around – mostly in the vicinity of Jones St. – but it is a beautiful, welcoming city with wonderful amenities that draw visitors from around the state and country. Why shouldn’t Raleigh have a world class park to go with its world class museums? It’s all to the glory of the great North State.

The idea that we should sell this opportunity to the highest bidder so that no one in proximity can enjoy it is bizarre. Should we sell the mountains and the beaches so that people near them don’t enjoy them unfairly? So, what is Berger’s point, really? If he keeps setting Raleigh against the rest of the state, he’s telling them Raleigh’s not for them, they have no reason to go there. That’s deeply offensive coming from the leader of the state senate, faux cousin or not. It makes me wonder, what is Sen. Berger up to that he doesn’t want North Carolina’s citizens visiting Raleigh? Why shouldn’t they? Who is he to say they don’t have business in Raleigh or that they won’t have time to enjoy a giant park? Why is he hurrying them out? I can’t wait to lie on my back in Dix park and give it a long think.


  1. Frank Burns

    December 6, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Here’s the problem, for years with the Democrats in charge, the city of Raleigh has been a fiefdom of the state government getting more than their share of highway dollars, and tax dollars. I know those of us living in Charlotte are sick and tired of it. Raleigh gets the gold mine and the rest of us in NC get the shaft.

    I’ve got no problem with Raleigh purchasing or leasing this property for another city park, but I want to make sure they are paying the market rate and not getting another one of those sweetheart deals that Democrats love to bestow on Raleigh. Dorethea Dix is a state asset not a city asset. When has the city of Charlotte ever got help from state government in constructing a city park? Heck we can’t even get them to finish the beltway.

  2. jlp75

    December 6, 2012 at 3:44 pm

    Considering this is a lease it will continue to be a state asset.

  3. Frank Burns

    December 6, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    I’ve written my state Rep and Senate Rep asking them to make sure that Raleigh pays the market value for the property, then all is good. Paying below market value does nothing for the rest of the state, I’m sure Raleigh likes it though.

  4. david esmay

    December 7, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    “I’ve written my state Rep and Senate Rep”, Frank’s gone Shakespeare today, “Much Ado About Nothing” combined with being “Full of sound and fury signifying nothing”.

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