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McCrory’s embarrassing comments

Pat McCrory 4 [1]As I wrote on Tuesday morning [2], Governor McCrory’s inaugural speech on Saturday seemed to provide at least an inkling of promise for semi-moderate governance from the state’s new chief executive. Rather than far-right red meat of the kind that one might have expected from a man elected by groups like Americans for Prosperity and Pope Civitas Action, the speech was a study in sober, moderate Republican rhetoric of the kind McCrory probably heard as a child of the midwest in the 1960’s.

Unfortunately, moderate Mac didn’t last very long. Today, the Governor quickly swerved hard right with an embarrassing and extreme set of comments regarding the President’s new weapons control proposal [3]. According to John Frank of Raleigh’s News & Observer [4],  the Guv said the following on a Triangle-area radio show this morning:

“What happened to all we were going to talk about was the economy? I think we have plenty of gun laws on the books. Let’s work with the laws on the books. We don’t need any more laws. You are only getting more people to buy new guns. This is foolish.”

These comments are simply outrageous and, to use McCrory’s word, “foolish.”

First of all, what gun laws, Pat? Which ones aren’t being enforced? And if they’re not, what are your plans to do something about it?

Second, are you really saying the President of the United States should not address one the most horrific tragedies in modern American history and should, instead, stick to the economy only? Are you really saying that to propose a law endorsed by Ronald Reagan is “foolish?” If you are, you can’t be serious.

Finally, if some troubled souls are buying more weapons in response to the new proposals as you state, are you implying that this is a bad thing? If so, isn’t that a contradiction of your pro-NRA position? Wouldn’t that be a good thing from the pro-weapons perspective you seem to be trying to embrace?

This last comment, in particular, seems to reveal an interesting truth about McCrory: The man wants to act like a right-winger and play one on TV (or radio), but he’s really not very good at it and it clearly doesn’t come naturally.

Let’s hope that in the days and weeks to come he realizes this, ditches the far right shtick  and stops embarrassing himself and the state by pretending to be something that’s not in his heart.