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So much for a chance at real debate or public input

What is it about complete power and the temptation to overreach? The conservatives running the General Assembly have huge and insuperable majorities; they can pass or stop anything they want.

And yet, on just the first real day of the session, they have already spoken loudly and clearly that they have no real intention of  allowing the public to speak or the opponents of their plans to have a say on a series of controversial bills that they plan on ramming through the General Assembly in the coming days.

Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up. Tomorrow, on the second day of the session, lawmakers will take up and apparently act on bills to:

There’s no rush on any of these proposals. There is plenty of time to, at least, allow for some open debate and honest analysis. Unfortunately, open debate and time for thoughtful consideration doesn’t appear to comport with this year’s legislative playbook.