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Ten to watch…(video)

Posted By Clayton Henkel On January 30, 2013 @ 5:25 pm In Uncategorized | Comments Disabled

On the opening day of the 2013 session, House and Senate member filed more than 50 bills – including three constitutional amendments, rejection of Medicaid expansion, and legislation to make the state superintendent of public instruction an appointed position.Ten-to-watch-_XGR [1]

Here are just a few of the bills worth noting from Day One:

Also on Wednesday, Rep. Julia Howard rejected a suggestion by Rep. Paul Luebke that lawmakers have more time to read a 70-page bill filed earlier in the day to dramatically change the state’s unemployment insurance (UI) system and the level of benefits paid out.

Critic of this legislation note if the cuts go into effect on July 1st as proposed, 80,000 North Carolina workers would become ineligible for federal benefits.  This would result in the state losing $25M per week in federal money that is injected into the state’s economy.

House Bill 4 [12] will get its first hearing Thursday in the House Finance Committee (Room 544 LOB). Click below to hear the exchange between Howard and Luebke:

YouTube Preview Image [13]


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