DOT will make drivers licenses for immigrants look second class

DACA drivers' licensesYou just knew there had to be a catch when new North Carolina Transportation Secretary Anthony Tata was dragged kicking and screaming to do the right (and undeniably lawful) thing  for immigrants granted the right to stay in the United States under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program last Friday. It would have just been too easy and humane to actually just give folks their licenses and let it go at that. Somehow, something had to be done to appease the anti-immigrant crowd both within and without state government.

So, here’s the stupid and unnecessary idea Tata’s people have cooked up: funny looking licenses. We are not making this up. In a move that would clearly make Arizona’s crazy immigrant-hating Sheriff Joe “pink-underwear-for-inmates” Arpaio smile, DOT will issue issue drivers’ licenses to the immigrants that will look very different from an average adult’s.  The Spanish-language newspaper Que Pasa has more here.

Not only will the licenses be vertical rather than horizontal — something ordinarily reserved for beginning drivers — but they will also feature a pink header and include the following words in all caps “NO LAWFUL STATUS.”

Now, of course, none of these changes are necessary. And they have no apparent effect. The licenses will be fully valid. All they will do is send a not-so-subtle message to the immigrants (all of whom have lived in the U.S. for the vast majority of their lives) that they’re not really welcome or equal in the eyes of the state of North Carolina — even for the limited purpose of driving. Oh, and of course, how much do you want to bet that such licenses won’t bring about an extra measure of scrutiny when their holders are pulled over by law enforcement officers in areas like, say,  Alamance County?        

North Carolinians of color are used to the humiliation of “driving while black and brown” treatment. Now, we’ll have a new and absurd status to add: “Driving while pink.”


  1. Pat

    February 18, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    Just when we thought it couldn’t get more dim-witted over there. Absurd and appalling.

  2. Adam Searing

    February 19, 2013 at 10:05 am

    Tata and McCrory might want to go read some history books about what happens when a government singles out one group of people and treats them differently than everyone else. I mean, come on people! The list of doing this sort of thing is a part of some of the worst aspects of our own history of treating people differently. Just to start, look at how we treated people of Japanese ancestry during WWII – they had “special” identity cards too. Then look at some of the nastiest dictatorships around the world and their actions in creating “special” identity cards and otherwise singling out “the other.” What an embarrassment.

  3. JeffS

    February 19, 2013 at 10:40 am

    I’m assuming design decisions would normally be a mid-level function within the department, probably never reaching the secretary level unless they chose to intervene.

    Someone should dig deeper on this one and find out where this decision originated. Was it a staffer, or a decree sent down from somewhere above?

  4. Dave Francis

    February 19, 2013 at 9:42 pm


    Your hard earned taxes are being taken from you—the American people to pander to the illiterate, illegal aliens who are still coming here with the compliments of the morons in Washington. Not just across a poorly supported border, but masquerading as tourists as well? You are being forced by an out-of-touch court judicial system to disburse for all the costs of illegal aliens and their children smuggled here through a mostly poor structure called the Fence and not the previous Presidents two fences that should stretch from Brownville, Texas to the coastal edge of California. Some members purposely underfunded the real 2006 Secure Fence Act, because employers who hire illegal aliens didn’t like it. It cut their corporate profits. In other words it was too good a structure that made it more difficult for criminal illegal aliens to negotiate? A structure similar in comparison to the State of Israel towering barrier to keep murdering insurgence out. What our Congress has to do now is to pass “The Legal Workforce Act”, combined with the provision of mandatory E-Verify to oust illegal workers from the 23 million American jobs.

    Also pass the Birthright Citizenship Bill” that stops smuggled children becoming instant citizens, thus allowing the parent’s of “Foothold Babies” to live of the proceeds of the new citizen entitlements. This has become a lucrative business in the U.S., to the financial detriment of the aggrieved taxpayer. This last above mentioned law leads to in due course Family Chain Migration sponsorship and yet even more Dream Acts that is leading to huge tax hikes. When you pay Uncle Sam in April, you are not only paying for all the agencies of the government, federal, state and municipal revenues, but food stamps for illegal aliens just passed by the Liberal administrations, Medicaid and health care treatment for free, and the bulk of the money going to the children of illegal aliens education. This influences every American citizen/legal resident of any skin color, religious affiliation on party line.

    Guest workers must be given serious consideration as long as the farming industry pays for everything, not the taxpayer. Stem tech and professional jobs must only go to the highest skilled people who will not end up on the entitlement line. I million a year of all categories is enough, but most immigrant visas should go to the talented people and all others must be dealt with severely who break our laws.

    With little or no hesitation by both political parties, except for the overall majority of the TEA PARTY we are going to see this year some form of Amnesty. This is the promise of King Obama and the Imperial Court. American citizens have no other course of action but to petition your Congressman and Senate representatives. This country is going to the dogs under administration that is denying the rights of citizens of their U.S. Constitutional rights. To petition your people in Washington for free, go to NumbersUSA

    We still have a chance to make ourselves known to that Gang of 8 politicians, as there is access to free faxes at NumbersUSA, to petition Washington. YOU CAN ALSO PHONE YOUR disreputable POLITICIANS THROUGH THE CENTRAL GOVERNMENT PHONE SWITCHBOARD AT (202) 224-3121. The Immigration debates are going on now and we should demand no more Paths to Citizenship; that illegal aliens should return to their home country and go through the rigorous process that honest immigrants must take. EVERY CITIZEN HAS A RIGHT TO PETITION HIS STATE OR FEDERAL REPRESENTATIVE AND ESSENTIALLY OFFER HIS GRIEVANCES ABOUT ANYTHING, INCLUDING ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.

    Extra by Stephen Frank of 02/18/2013 of California Report of News and Views. Here you will find some of the most significant information on fraud and waste in California. In addition American Patrol also digs up the dirt, plus Judicial Watch interprets the laws being bypassed by President Obama’s Liberal thought police and what the Liberal-Democrats-Socialists Political Correctness mandatory standards.

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