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North Carolina continues to draw unwanted national attention

Art Pope 3 [1]This time, it’s from the editors of the online site Too Much [2] — a  project of the Program on Inequality and the Common Good of the Washington, D.C.-based Institute for Policy Studies [3],

Not surprisingly, the subject is State Budget Director, Art Pope. Today, Pope is featured in the “Greed at a glance section” of the Too Much newsletter [4].

“Sometimes you just have to do the job yourself. Art Pope, a billionaire who owes his fortune to a discount store network his daddy built, certainly thinks so. Pope has spent [5] over $40 million in recent years gerrymandering North Carolina, and the state this winter sports for the first time in over a century a GOP governor, a conservative state Supreme Court majority, and a GOP-dominated state legislature all at the same time. But Pope isn’t resting [6]. He had himself appointed [7] state budget director. Last week his budget priorities made national headlines [8]. In North Carolina, a state with America’s fifth-highest jobless rate, lawmakers have now slashed [9] maximum weekly unemployment benefits from $535 to $350, cut the number of benefit weeks allowed, and denied 39 percent of the state’s 438,000 jobless special federal aid [10] . . .