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10 things that will happen if North Carolina refuses to expand Medicaid and enact exchange

Over on Twitter [1] this morning, Adam Searing listed 10 lousy things that we know will happen if North Carolina lawmakers and Gov. McCrory act (as expected) to refuse to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and enact the health care exchange envisioned under the ACA:

#1 – We’ll leave 500,000 North Carolinians in need without access to affordable health care
#2- We’ll put $45 million needed to finish the Medicaid IT system unnecessarily at risk
#3- We’ll turn over our consumer assistance program to the federal government
#4- We’ ll limit the ability of the NC Department of Insurance to enforce federal law in the state
#5 – We’ll turn over our ability to review insurance plans sold in the new health exchange to the federal government
#6 – We’ll limit North Carolina’s control over its insurance market
#7 – We’ll increase the cost of private insurance premiums
#8 – We’ll lose control over how to fund the NC exchange (We have to pay for exchange no matter who controls it)
#9 – We’ll lose money to establish call center for consumer questions. North Carolinians will now call Washington, DC for help
#10 – We’ll lose our chance to help community health centers, rural hospitals, and the state’s economy.

Notwithstanding all of these problems (and many more), lawmakers are expected to to do the dirty deed in both houses this afternoon. Follow Adam on Twitter [1]for frequent updates from the General Assembly.