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Which one says: We won’t stop until it’s the 1950s again?

Pantone fandeckHere I was, all ready to give Gov. McCrory a thumb’s up for his refusal to give state money [1] to Jerry Richardson for his Taj Mahal-dium, when, before the words can leave my fingertips, he comes out with this [2]:

“‘I think voter ID is what you need to get Sudafed in the stores right now. It’s what you need to get on the plane. It’s what you need to get many government services at this point in time,’ McCrory said, adding that he believed the bill lawmakers are developing will have safeguards for those without an ID.”

GETTING SUDAFED IS NOT A RIGHT. Getting on a plane is not a right. Voting is, and it is as sacred a right as a secular democracy can have. Pretending that this voter ID push is anything but a way to suppress the votes of the poor is risible.

I wonder if these guys [3] are getting a little chauvinistic frisson from pushing for voter ID during the 100th anniversary of the 1913 Suffrage Parade [4]. No Freudian slips there, boys! Then again, that would presuppose some knowledge of history and anyone in the South who wants to start requiring credentials at the polls don’t know nothing ’bout no hist’ry.

McCrory followed that word salad by expressing his support for the infamous pink drivers’ licenses for immigrants.

“McCrory said he participated in and approved the decision to issue specially designed licenses to immigrants allowed to stay in the U.S. under the federal deferred action program.

He called on Transportation Secretary Tony Tata to explain that the color is not pink, but fuchsia, and the design is similar to temporary ID cards issued to refugees from Hurricane Katrina who came to the state several years ago.

‘I approved of this final decision and was very engaged in the process of this decision,’ McCrory said.”

I’m glad he cleared up the whole shade of pink issue (though I called it fuchsia last week [and have been amused at how many TV news Chyron operators can’t spell fuchsia since then!]) because that’s really the deepest question people have about the license. He makes it sound like he and Tony Tata met and went over swatches to get just the right shade. It’s not easy to find the exact nuance of pink that says “You’re no good and you’re not welcome here!” but Pat, Tone, and their Pantone deck made it work. I think when spitting in the face of everyone who ever fought for the right to vote or be treated fairly by the state, it’s essential to have the right color scheme.