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Conservative voter ID “expert” has a mean streak and broad agenda

Just about anyone who expresses political and policy opinions in the wild and woolly world of Twitter has a “tweet” or two they’d like to take back. The demands of being current and pithy can be challenging and intoxicating.

Still, some of the stuff posted on the Twitter account of Hans von Spakovsky [1] — the suppposed voter ID expert employed by the Heritage Foundation who will be appearing at this afternoon’s panel of experts at the General Assembly — are enough to make a person wonder about the man’s judgment and stability. (It’s also worth noting that von Spakovsky’s battles are not just confined to fighting with progressives. As this article [2] notes, the man was recently given the boot from a Virginia elections board by a group of GOP judges and taken to the legal woodshed [3] by former Reagan A.G. Richard Thornburg on the matter of the Voting Rights Act.  

Here are just a few of von Spakovsky’s far-ranging and rather incendiary tweets from recent months:

March 6: I’m sure Chavez got great welcome in his fiery new home from his compatriots Joseph, Adolph, & Mao;now waiting for their friend Fidel

January 22: Obama’s Orwellian claim: “preserving our individual freedoms reqs collective action” Sounds like something my Russian father would’ve heard

January 16: As friend says,gov by decree is what Soviets practiced; those who favor gov by decree don’t favor democracy; a fatal conceit shared by Obama

January 9: So admin believes can take away rights guaranteed in Bill of Rights (2d Amend) thru exec orders?! they have nothing but contempt for Const

December 21: When Kerry comes to his confirmation hearing, will he wear the medals he once dishonored by throwing them away in a publicity stunt?

December 20: For Obama to bring Newtown/Hurricane Sandy into budget debate is disgusting, shameful, & politization of worst kind; can he go any lower?

October 12: Biden’s arrogance, rudeness, & patronizing attitude emblematic of administration’s attitude towards American people over last 4 years

June 28: What a depressing day for America-the socialist tyranny my parents left Europe to escape just took another giant step forward in America

March 6, 2012: Fact Sandra Fluke thinks we should pay so she can have risk-free sex & get gender reassignmt surgery shows whats wrong w/liberal minds