Sequestration will hit North Carolina’s public schools with cuts totaling $63 million

In a letter to Governor Pat McCrory dated March 5, 2013, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan provided specific detail about how federal education program allocations will be cut in FY2013 thanks to the sequestration order.

Sixty-three million dollars will vanish from North Carolina’s public schools, including nearly $26 million in Title I Grants to LEAs. This is roughly the equivalent the state currently uses to pay 356 staff to serve 38,151 students in 83 Title I schools, which are identified as high poverty.

The IDEA Part B Grants to States program will be hit with a reduction in funding of roughly $16,776,161, which could require North Carolina to find other resources to provide a free appropriate public education to students with disabilities.

When reached for comment, State Superintendent June Atkinson said, “these cuts will have a higher impact on our low-wealth schools at a time when we need more help to assist our most vulnerable. An investment in our children today will pay off economically in the future.”

Governor McCrory’s office did not return a call seeking comment.

NORTH CAROLINA — Sequestration Cuts



FY 2013 at

FY 2012 Level

FY 2013

Less 5.0% Reduction

5.0 Percent


Title I Grants to Local Educational Agencies          405,272,019          379,410,819          25,861,200
School Turnaround Grants            14,320,215            13,604,205                716,010
Impact Aid Basic Support Payments            15,326,433            14,560,112                766,321
Improving Teacher Quality State Grants            53,874,347            50,109,734            3,764,613
21st Century Community Learning Centers            31,798,042            30,208,140            1,589,902
English Learner Education State Grants            15,381,023            13,613,332            1,767,691
IDEA Part B Grants to States*          326,077,875          309,301,714          16,776,161
Vocational Rehabilitation State Grants**          110,283,707          104,536,087                                    5,747,620
Career and Technical Education State Grants***            35,743,866            32,717,211            3,026,655
Adult Basic and Literacy Education State Grants            16,434,807            15,603,557                831,250
Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants            16,680,570            15,888,671                                           791,899
Work-Study Grants            22,543,424            21,397,623                                    1,145,802
                TOTAL      1,063,736,328      1,000,951,205          62,785,124


* 2013 allocations assume enactment of the Administration’s proposed appropriations language that authorizes the Department to calculate a State’s allocation without regard to a reduction in funding in a prior year resulting from a failure to meet the maintenance of State financial support requirements in section 612 of the IDEA.

** For Vocational Rehabilitation State Grants, the amount shown is the FY 2012 level increased by the mandatory CPIU inflationary increase (3.5 percent).

*** There is no reduction in allocations for a number of States because of “hold harmless” provisions in the authorizing statute.


NOTE:  Total reflects these 12 programs only, States would also receive other funds from the Department of Education.



  1. Doug

    March 18, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    You would think Obama and the democrats would not have signed up for this thing if it affected their clientele so deeply. I guess this proves the point that they are definitely not the party of compassion. Especially when it is noted that Congress was going to give him the ability to make changes to where the cuts went. But that was not the point when the Barry’s administration put this gem together back in 2011.

  2. […] Today, comes news from the Department of Public Instruction that North Carolina schools will suffer a $63 million cuts as the result of the sequester — most of it in programs that serve vulnerable children. […]

  3. david esmay

    March 18, 2013 at 9:49 pm

    The only reason sequestration went into effect is the fact that the do nothing GOP painted themselves into a corner, again.

  4. Doug

    March 19, 2013 at 11:19 am

    actually, it is the do nothing Dems. When was the last time they submitted a budget? Don’t let your absolute hate of the right blind you to the overwhelming flaws of the left as well.

  5. david esmay

    March 19, 2013 at 12:46 pm

    By law, a budget is submitted every year. Budget resolutions must be passed by congress, the Repugs put forth budgets that are s onerous to both parties and attach riders that act as poison pills in order to continue the charade.

  6. Doug

    March 19, 2013 at 4:41 pm

    no budget resolution has been submitted by the dems. Look it up, they are afraid to pass a rational budget so they just ignore the law.

  7. […] event to promote a greater awareness of the tax changes on Jones Street, and the damaging impact of the sequestration cuts in […]

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