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Top 10 Reasons to honor Dix Park lease (video)

After delaying a vote on Monday, the NC Senate could decide later today whether to approve a bill [1] that would  effectively tear up a lease to turn the Dorothea Dix campus into a destination park.

Republicans have voiced opposition to the park idea ever since then Governor Bev Perdue signed a deal with the City of Raleigh to pay $500,000 a year to develop the property.

Hundreds of people turned out Monday to voice their concerns about the land deal  and other bills [2] to Wake County’s legislative delegation.

Some mental health advocates voiced support for Senate Bill 334 [1], which would revoke the earlier deal and re-evaluate the 320 acres.

Others, like parks and greenways advocate Sig Hutchinson, urged state lawmakers to keep the original Dix Park lease in place.

The Senate will consider the fate of the Dix Park deal when it meets this afternoon at 2:00pm.

To hear Sig Hutchinson’s Top 10 list supporting the Dix Park lease, click below. To watch the full two-hour hearing, visit WRAL.com [3]: