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Bill to ignore First Amendment, establish state religion dies in Leg

The resolution introduced by two Republican state legislators, and backed by a dozen colleagues, effectively died in the House of Representatives today.

The “Rowan County Defense of Religion Act of 2013 [1]” proposed making Rowan County in central North Carolina free of First Amendment constraints, establishing a state religion and making North Carolina immune from federal courts’ rulings on constitutional issues. (Read more here [2].) The lawmakers wanted to show support to Rowan County Commissioners, who are being sued by the ACLU of North Carolina for invoking sectarian prayer during meetings.

After earning North Carolina some more time in the national spotlight [3], the bill was put to rest today by Republican House Speaker Thom Tillis, according to this report [4] from the Associated Press and WTVD.

N.C. Policy Watch’s own Chris Fitzsimon wrote this morning [5] about how the bill’s real significance was not the outlandish ideas it floated, but that it got support from a dozen legislators, including a member of House leadership.

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