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Lawmakers press for new driving restrictions for undocumented immigrants

On the same day thousands of advocates for immigration reform flocked to Washington,D.C. [1], four conservative lawmakers filed a lengthy piece of legislation [2] directed at undocumented residents living in North Carolina.warren-jordan-brown-collins [3]

The  RECLAIM NC Act opens by noting the failure to the federal government to address illegal immigration “places an unwarranted strain on our State’s law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, and social safety nets and undermines our trust in the rule of law.”

House Bill 786 seeks to:

And like the DACA licenses that caused an uproar a few weeks back [4], the restricted driver’s permit would be printed in a vertical format with an identifying number and a distinguishing mark. It would bear the card holder’s thumbprint, which could be “electronically readable by properly equipped law enforcement officers and agencies.”

The 25-page bill also clearly spells out that such an identification card would not be considered a valid form of  eligibility for voter registration or public benefits.

The  RECLAIM NC Act is sponsored by Representatives Harry Warren [5], Jonathan Jordan [6], Brian Brown [7], and Jeff Collins [8].

You can read the full bill here [2].