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Cursive writing bill passes Senate education committee

Perhaps having heard the buzz [1] this morning about the link between the Back to Basics bill [2] and the for-profit handwriting instruction company Zaner Bloser [3], Sen. Allran decided to move the cursive writing legislation through the Senate Education Committee this morning without any further discussion, saying that everyone had already heard enough on the bill.

The bill would mandate cursive writing instruction and memorization of multiplication tables for elementary school students. The legislation passed through committee without any objections.

Home schoolers supporting SB 189 [4], which would change the definition of home schools to include the option of instructional delivery via online technologies, got a win when that bill passed through committee. The change in law could open the door for online virtual schools to move their products into the home schooling market. There is another bill moving through the assembly now [5]that would provide income tax credits to those who home school their children.

Sen. Tillman’s bill to reduce public school reporting requirements [6] passed through committee with one notable change. As previously reported [7], the bill would have repealed the law mandating personal education plans (PEPs) for at-risk students. In the end, Tillman decided to keep PEPs, as was reflected in the Proposed Committee Substitute (PCS) that was handed out before the committee today.