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Latino advocates hold lobby day as lawmakers consider restrictive RECLAIM NC Act (video)

Wednesday is Latino Legislative Day [1] at the General Assembly, and immigrants rights groups will be in Raleigh discussing comprehensive immigration reform with state lawmakers.

Their lobbying day also coincides with the first committee hearing for a sweeping piece of legislation aimed at undocumented residents.

The RECLAIM NC Act [2] would grant certain driving privileges for undocumented immigrants under a restricted license, but the bill would also authorize immigration status checks of individuals lawfully stopped, detained, or arrested.
House Bill 786 would also reject the use of a matricula consular [3] or other similar documents as an acceptable form of identification.

El Pueblo’s [4]Executive Director Angeline Echeverría weighed in on the legislation last weekend when she appeared on News & Views with Chris Fitzsimon.

To hear an excerpt of that interview, click below. To hear the full segment, including her thoughts on in-state college tuition for undocumented students, visit the Radio Interview [5] section of the NC Policy Watch website.