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Berger’s Louisiana tax plan

Bobby Jindal [1]Maybe it’s no coincidence that Senator Phil Berger’s new plan to cut taxes at the top, reduce public services and raise taxes on the working poor appears to have a lot in common with Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s failed tax plan [2]. It turns out the new and schnazzy website Berger unveiled today [3] was produced by a conservative Louisiana ad firm – Innovative Advertising LLC [4].

As you can see by clicking here [5], the website domain www.nctaxcut.com is registered to:

Innovative Advertising, LLC
   Jay Connaughton (laurie@peoplewhothink.com)
   Fax: +1.9853777118
   4250 Highway 22
   Suite 7
   Mandeville, LA 70471

Paul Newby [6]These are the same fun people who took all of the funneled, conservative bucks [7] last fall to produce the embarrassing Paul Newby for Supreme Court TV blitz. The group even brags about the Newby ad on its website [8]

All in all, this doesn’t bode well for the character of the tax debate we are about to have in North Carolina.