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NC Pediatric Society: The Medicaid Blame Game

Steve Shore, Executive Director of the North Carolina Pediatric Society [1], writing in the group’s most recent newsletter:

“Listening to the press conference about the NC Senate’s version of the proposed biennial state budget from the leadership of the North Carolina General Assembly on Monday, you would think that North Carolina’s Medicaid program is responsible for all the state’s woes.

Forget the Great Recession, unemployment, loss of manufacturing jobs, corporate giveaways for economic development, and so on.  It’s Medicaid that is holding us back!

Medicaid is an easy target when the entire program combines $13 billion of both state and federal funding.  However, let’s get real: only 25% of that $13 billion cost is from the NC General Fund.  And who is on Medicaid?  960,827 children aged birth to 18;  491,619 aged, blind or disabled citizens;  and 360,852 pregnant women and parents of children who are covered that qualify at or below $19,090 for a family of three or $11,170 for an individual, which is $5.38/hour based on a full-time job.  So that means North Carolina covers a miniscule number of adults between 18 and 64 years of age.

Talk about a masquerade and picking on our most vulnerable populations that cannot respond!  Children don’t have a vote and if not for the North Carolina Pediatric Society and the children’s advocacy community, not much voice in the political process.

We obviously have more work ahead to demonstrate that Medicaid and our medical home model promoted by Community Care of North Carolina is best for our state.”