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Paging Governor McCrory

Now that Senate leaders have launched their sneak attack [1] on the rights of women to make their own health care decisions, the question in Raleigh is what will Governor Pat McCrory do if the House approves the offensive legislation too.

McCrory has already weighed in [2] about the undemocratic process Senate leaders used to pass their radical attack on women in a statement  issued this morning.

When the Democrats were in power, this is the way they did business. It was not right then and it is not right now. Regardless of what party is in charge or what important issue is being discussed, the process must be appropriate and thorough.

But McCrory did not say anything about the substance of the legislation that would make it virtually impossible for women in North Carolina to access legal abortion services.

McCrory promised on the campaign trail that he would not support any further restrictions on abortion rights. He needs to speak out now to keep that promise and restore some sense of sanity to a radical and out of control General Assembly.

The governor’s office should issue another statement before the holiday. In the interest of being helpful to the busy staff in McCrory’s office, here is a suggestion.

I said during the campaign that I do not support any further restrictions on women seeking health care services and I intend to keep that promise. I am encouraging Speaker Tillis and the House to refuse to agree to the legislation the Senate approved today.

And I want to make it clear that I will veto the bill if it reaches my desk. Legislative leaders should stop spending time on a divisive social agenda and get back to passing an already overdue state budget to fund our schools and other vital state programs

Governor McCrory, are you willing to lead or not?