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Monday morning quarterbacking on Moral Mondays

Alex Kotch, who blogs at Progresivo [1] and has offered some contributions here at The Pulse has an amusing take on some recent criticisms leveled at the Moral Mondays protests:

Fox News finally came out with their story on Moral Mondays [2] this week, reporting that protestors “claim” the poor are harmed by legislation passed by conservatives, interviewing state Sen. Thom Goolsby but failing to mention that he called his own constituents “morons,” [3] and giving NC GOP Chairman Claude Pope [4] another chance to put down the protestors, this time comparing them to a losing football team:

“Would the losing team of the Super Bowl go protest the winning team’s locker room because they lost the game and they fumbled the ball? Come on! They are wasting taxpayer resources.”

That’s not the first time a conservative has made an unsavory sports comparison [5]. But let’s clean up that analogy a little bit. Here’s something more accurate:

Pope’s football team, after a major NFL rule change, was able to solicit massive, often secret donations [6] in ways not previously allowed, giving them access to better equipment, a larger coaching staff, and more expensive players, among other things. One multi-millionaire [7] in fact supplied the majority of their newfound wealth, with the stipulation that they had to use plays and game strategies that he endorsed. After they won their first Super Bowl, they used their new power to lobby for another new rule [8], that whenever they gained possession of the ball, they could move their end zone 50 yards closer to them, making it much easier for them to score than the other team. They proceeded to use this rule, which is still under investigation [9] yet currently stands, to easily win another regular season and Super Bowl. This time, they were able to help an ally become the new NFL commissioner [10], and together, they and the new commissioner set about to change as many rules as possible, in ways that only helped them and their best friends. The NFL commissioner appointed the same multi-millionaire donor who had bankrolled the team for the previous few years as the league’s chief budget director [11], who seems to have unchecked power [12]. The commissioner even picked a relative of the new budget director [4], Claude Pope himself, to coach the team.

When Team Pope and the NFL administrators started making so many undesirable changes so quickly, sometimes late at night or without a transcription of the debate [13], fans of the other team, and even some of Team Pope’s own fans, started to get frustrated. The new rules initiated by Team Pope ruined the game, and the majority of fans, who were paying for their careers – through ticket and merchandise sales and tax revenue that built the stadium – wanted change. They were putting money in and getting nothing back, actually having things taken away [14], while the NFL commissioner raised the salaries of his own staff [15]. In fact, ticket prices rose and Team Pope and the NFL’s budget director proposed a new tax on sports tickets [16].

With nothing left to do, the people started protesting the changes every Monday [17] outside the stadium they had paid for, where Team Pope practiced. They had a big list of grievances, but none on the conservative squad wanted to listen, only commenting on the protests in order to spread lies about the protestors [18] who paid their salaries. Each week, a diverse group of former fans, 98% [19] from Team Pope’s state [20], demonstrated in front of the Team Pope locker room, being arrested each time. So far there have been approximately 687 arrests [21].

And don’t get me started on wasting [22] taxpayer resources [23]