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The Banana Republic on Jones Street

Remember all the criticism a few years ago from Republicans about the way Democrats ran the General Assembly and the promises from the GOP that they would run things differently when they were in charge, by being open and more transparent?

They repeated the promises when they took over the legislature in 2011. They are breaking those promises every single day now.

This morning, with literally a few minutes notice, a subcommittee of a House Judiciary Committee unveiled a slightly modified version of the sweeping and unprecedented attack on women’s reproductive rights that was rammed through the Senate last week with no notice or public hearings at all.

Also this morning, a House bill dealing with wildlife resources was changed to add  a constitutional amendment about eminent domain. No notice about that either.

Legislative calendars are now meaningless. So are bill numbers and schedules of any kind. The folks in the General Assembly have turned the legislative process into a banana republic.

They can and will do anything they want, any time they want, any way they want, democracy be damned—not to mention the public they are supposed to represent.