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NC Governor McCrory: Will he grin again while he denies more health services to women?

Here’s a photo of a proud NC Governor Pat McCrory sporting a wide grin while signed the bill earlier this year rejecting federal money under the Affordable Care Act to expand Medicaid health coverage to 500,000 NC citizens, including at least 250,000 women [1]:

Medicaid bill sign2 - Version 2 [2]Today McCrory says he will sign [3] the House version of the bill that puts so many new regulations on health clinics in the state that offer abortion services that all but one or two of them will have to close.  I wonder if he’ll be grinning again as he signs a bill that guarantees even fewer health services available to women in North Carolina?  My guess is he will sign this latest attack on NC women in a session closed to the press on a late Friday afternoon.