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The nullifiers return this afternoon

In case you missed it, this afternoon’s “Thankful Tuesday” event (at which supporters of the current state leadership will register their support for the impending regressive tax shift [1]) will, according to the folks at Americans for Prosperity [2],  be co-sponsored by a group that calls itself the Moccasin Creek Minutemen [3].

As my colleague Chris Fitzsimon reported earlier this year [4], these are the same fun folks who, George Wallace-like, championed “nullification” of federal law at an event outside the General Assembly in January.  

The group’s website also serves as handy portal into the loony tunes underbelly of the modern far right, with easy-to-follow links leading visitors to the websites like The Blaze [5]and NC Freedom [6] — a site that, in turn, promotes a group that calls itself the North Carolina American Republic [7]This group rejects the legitimacy of the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution and, indeed, the very legality of our state government.

Yikes! Should be a fun afternoon.