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Last-minute bill creates secret review system for judicial complaints

One of today’s most important “must reads” is reporter Sharon McCloskey’s story [1] about a bill rammed through the General Assembly during the session’s waning hours to drastically alter the state’s system of handling complaints against judges.

“It started out as a simple bill allowing parties in family court to appeal rulings before their cases were finally resolved.

By the time it landed on the House floor for a final vote, one of the last bills on the last day of the long session, it had a new name, a new number and a new purpose: to give the justices of the state Supreme Court the sole authority to discipline judges β€” including themselves –and allow them to decide if, when and who to discipline in secret.

And the back story of the passage of the bill, H652 [2] β€” including the rare public lobbying by Republican justices in favor of the bill and opposition from the Democratic Chief Justice β€” illustrates that, despite claims otherwise, money and politics may in fact be dividing the Court.”

Click here [1] to read this important story and, hopefully, share it with folks you know.