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The return of Lunch Links

Lunch sandwich [1]Happy Friday, campers! With the dog days of summer going full steam [2], we’re sure a lot of you are staying at your computers these days rather than venturing out in the mid-day humidity. So, as a service to our desk-bound, PB&J-consuming audience, The Progressive Pulse is happy to announce the return of Lunch Links – a daily dose of quick takes that will connect you to the important, the aggravating and the entertaining. Enjoy!

We’ll begin with North Carolina House Speaker Thom Tillis. One of the Triangle’s most intrepid journalists, Kirk Ross over at the Carolina Mercury, has the first thorough review of the wannabe U.S. Senator’s new campaign finance report in a story entitled “Speaker’s Senate fundraising raises questions.” [3]

And speaking of prominent state officials pondering higher office, Attorney General Roy Cooper’s new activism [4] in opposition to the voter suppression bill passed by the General Assembly is sparking speculation that Cooper is cranking up a 2016 challenge to Pat McCrory [5]. If it’s true, Cooper would seem likely to be a formidable candidate.

And speaking of the current Guv, Gary Pearce had an interesting assessment of his first go-round in Raleigh yesterday (“Sizing up Pat [6]”) over on Talking About Politics.    

And speaking of politicians named Pat, there have been multiple online stories [7] about North Carolina’s controversial, hard-right congressman from the west and the earful he got from a gaggle of honked-off constituents the other day [8] about his plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Click here [9] to see Congressman McHenry sound a little like Ralph Kramden [10] as he tries to explain his position.

And speaking of Kramden, another big guy from the northeast is finding himself in an interesting political pickle. George Zornick at The Nation has the details in a story entitled “Can Chris Christie Change the Gun Control Debate?” [11]

And finally, speaking of people who, unlike the New Jersey governor, never left any doubt whatsoever about where they stood or about their commitment to justice for all, click here to read about and watch a brief video [12] summarizing the inspiring funeral of the great Julius Chambers. May he rest in peace.