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Wake County shifts funds to cover cuts to education budget

This just in from Wake County Public Schools [1]:trackingCuts-web-600 [2]

WCPSS budget staff has received the district’s final budget allotments from the state and is recommending reallocating $3.5 million from other school system revenues to cover shortfalls in state funding.

The funding would carry the district through 2013-14 but will not provide a long-term solution to cover recurring reductions, Chief Business Officer David Neter said at a Board of Education work session on September 3.

“The adjustments being recommended today from one-time sources are not sustainable,” and will have to continue to be addressed next year and beyond, Neter told the board.

Overall, WCPSS saw significant state funding reductions for teachers, teacher assistants and other instructional support for 2013-14.

A large portion of these cuts was offset when state leaders also lifted a discretionary reduction, a cost-saving measure that has been in place since the recession, Neter explained. The district plans to address the remaining budget gap through savings in other areas, as well as the one-time reallocation of the $3.5 million from other school system revenues.

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