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DHHS graphic brags about successes, no mention of recent controversies

N.C. Health and Human Services Sec. Aldona Wos may be feeling the heat over the statewide scrutiny of high salaries [1] given to top employees.

The department sent out an infographic today in a press release highlighting what DHHS sees as its top accomplishments. This came a few days after Wos sent a letter [2] to several legislators defending her performance running the state’s largest agency.

The press release sent Wednesday was light on specifics, with no links to where the facts and figured were pulled from. I’ve asked DHHS for the back-up data used for the infographics and will update this post if and when I hear back.


Infographic from N.C. DHHS of 2013 successes. [3]

Source: N.C. Dep’t Health and Human Services

On a few of the points, the $22 million in free and low-cost prescription drugs refers to a $773,728 grant the department [4] got in August from the Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust [5].  DHHS staff will help low-income patients apply to pharmaceutical companies for an estimated $22 million in donated and reduced-cost medicines.

The reference to the Office of the Internal Auditor is a plan from Wos [6] to expand the number of auditors in the agency from eight to 40 positions, and the 2,500 “added”  pre-K slots was a legislative decision [7] that offset the scheduled expiration of 5,000 other slots. The state will end up with 2,500 less pre-kindergarten slots for low-income children this year in the state.

As one would expect, there was no mention in the DHHS graphic of recent controversies that have stung Wos and DHHS –  problems with the state’s new delivery systems for food stamps [8] and Medicaid payments [9] and criticism over high salaries of young staffers [1] and $228,000 one Wos adviser [10] has gotten for eight months of work.