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State Medicaid Director leaving post

The state’s Medicaid director is out, after only eight months on the job.

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Carol Steckel

Carol Steckel submitted her resignation later Monday, saying she would stay on the North Carolina job no longer than Oct 11. The state agency issues a press release Monday saying Steckel was leaving to take a job with WellCare Health Plans [2] in Florida.

She was hired to help usher the state into a new way of running the multi-billion Medicaid program which provides care for some of the state’s most vulnerable citizens, including low income children and the severely disabled.

Steckel was one of Wos’ most significant hires at DHHS, and came to North Carolina after having administered Medicaid programs in both Alabama and Louisiana. Her departure comes as Wos and Gov. Pat McCrory have promised overhauling the state’s Medicaid system, though details of the plans haven’t been made public.

From the DHHS  news release about Steckel’s departure:

In order to return to her home state and take a job in the private sector, Carol Steckel has accepted a position with WellCare Health Plans in Tampa, Florida. Steckel, who joined the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services on January 22, submitted her resignation today as Director of the Division of Medical Assistance, effective October 11.

“In her time at the Department of Health and Human Services, Carol has made invaluable contributions to the state and the people we serve,” said Secretary Wos. “She brought fresh ideas and deep knowledge and experience to the state’s Medicaid program. This is an excellent private sector opportunity for Carol to return to the state where she grew up, and we will miss her greatly. We appreciate her commitment to a smooth transition as we progress towards creating a predictable and sustainable Medicaid system for the people of North Carolina.”

Steckel added: “It was a difficult decision to leave DHHS, but this is a great opportunity I can’t turn down. Secretary Wos is a strong and dynamic leader not afraid to take on the toughest challenges confronting the Department of Health and Human Services. In just a short time together, we have made good progress on reforming the state’s Medicaid program to control costs and improve care. I thank the Secretary for her leadership and am committed to making this a smooth transition.”

The Department of Health and Human Services will immediately begin the search for a new Director of the Division of Medical Assistance.


You can read Steckel’s resignation letter here [3].


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