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Calculate NC ACA health plan premiums by zip, income, family size

The Kaiser Family Foundation has a great calculator out today [1]that takes data available from the states on health plan premiums and allows you to put in local zip, income, age and family size. It then spits out an estimate what the annual cost will be to buy a health plan on NC’s federal health marketplace on October 1. This manages to cut through much of the last-ditch alarmism out there from opponents of the Affordable Care Act. ¬†For example, a 25 year old single person in Raleigh with an income of $18,000 a year is estimated to pay $64 a month for a comprehensive health plan that covers everything from maternity care to hospitalization.

Remember – October 1 go to healthcare.gov [2] to see the NC plans available here in the federal marketplace and get direct quotes from NC Blue Cross and Coventry Health Plans on comprehensive coverage.