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Cruzin’ toward a shutdown? (Audio)

Texas Senator Ted Cruz [1] began speaking Tuesday afternoon, and is (with an assist from Sen. Marco Rubio [2]) continuing to holdĀ  [3] the Senate floor Wednesday morning detailing opposition to the Affordable Care Act. It’s the latest effort to defund Obamacare.

North Carolina Congressman David Price [4] tells N.C. Policy Watch that he’s deeply troubled that some members of Congress are willing to force a government shutdown to get their way on President Obama’s health care reform law. Price appeared on News & Views with Chris Fitzsimon over the weekend to talk about the benefits of the health law and the latest budget battle.

Later today, the Democratic-controlled Senate is expected to strip the health care provision out of the continuing resolution and send it back to the House.

The federal government will shutdown on October 1st [5], if Congress does not pass a spending plan by the end of this month.

To hear an excerpt of Rep. Price’s remarks click below, the full interview can be heard here. [6]