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Why the right’s latest tantrum won’t stop the ACA

The good people at Think Progress explain this morning [1] why the tantrum by Texas Senator Ted Cruz is ultimately, no more than that — a tantrum of the ilk that one might normally associate with an spoiled and uninformed adolescent.

“On Tuesday, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) took to the floor to speak against the health reform law, attempting to block a funding bill from coming to a vote in the Senate. Cruz has been pushing to derail that funding bill [2] unless it includes a provision to defund Obamacare — a far-right strategy that could ultimately force the federal government to shut down next week, and a tactic that doesn’t actually have the support of GOP leadership [3] or the vast majority of Republican voters [4]. Nonetheless, when he began speaking on Tuesday afternoon, Cruz vowed to continue his “speaking filibuster [5]” until he is “no longer able to stand.”

Cruz’s dramatic anti-Obamacare crusade has captured media attention for weeks. But when it comes to the realities of health reform, it couldn’t matter less.

First of all…” — Read the rest of the post by clicking here [1].