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Lunch Links: A Techy Thursday

– Cory Booker mayor of Newark, New Jersey, defeated Steve Lonegan (R.) Wednesday in a special election [1] for a Senate seat. Booker is an avid user of social media and tweets about his daily life, you know, like saving a woman from a burning building [2].

– Booker will be joining the ranks of only four African Americans to have been directly elected to the Senate in American history. [4]

– Meanwhile, Anthony Weiner blames the internet for losing his gubernatorial bid [5].

– Our phones can now help us communicate via calls, texts, video, snapchats… but hey what about smells? Well, no worries, “vapor communication” [6] coming soon with the OPHONE [7].

– If technology is moving too fast for you, feel free to step back to Super Mario Brothers [7] for a little blast from the past on your Web browser.

Just remember it’s going to be the future soon.