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The truth about turning all public school teachers into temps

In case you missed it over the weekend, Raleigh’s News & Observer told it like it is in an editorial about the state’s destructive new teacher “tenure” law [1]:

“Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger has an idea that North Carolina is rife with incompetent teachers who coast along in the system thanks to tenure. That’s why he pushed through legislation this year that will end tenure protection for the so-called low performers and will reward the high performers.

The new law requires school boards to offer four-year contracts with a $5,000 raise over the four years to 25 percent of their teachers who’ve taught in their districts for the last three years and who were rated as “proficient” under the state’s evaluation system. To get the contract, the selected teacher must give up tenure, which isn’t the job protection granted a professor, but simply an assurance that they can only be fired for cause. The other 75 percent of the faculty get no raise and teachers who don’t currently have tenure will get one-year contracts that will leave them uncertain whether they’ll be back the following year. By July 2018 tenure will be completely eliminated.

But now the idea for creating a faculty on high alert with members striving for the cash and a longer contract is colliding with reality. The law provides no specifics on how local school districts are to choose the top 25 percent. It may be silent because there really is no fair and effective way of doing so. Anyone who has worked with other employees knows what it would be like if the boss went through the ranks designating some for special treatment and relegating most to second-class status. It wouldn’t spur competition. It would fuel resentment….”

Read the rest of the editorial by clicking here [1].